Why Bone Broth Is Effective for Arthritis and Gut Conditions.

Bone broth

let’s talk about bone broth does it work well there’s not a tremendous amount of research out there a lot of people claim that it works but I think you just need to test it out for yourself to see if it does work when you have knowledge of something and you know it’s true it’s something that you personally experienced yourself knowledge doesn’t come from second-hand information where well I know it’s true because I read something in a paper or someone told me it’s true

Let’s talk about bone broth. Does it work well? There’s not a tremendous amount of research out there. A lot of people claim that it works, but I think you just need to test it out for yourself to see if it does work when you have knowledge of something and you know, it’s true. It’s something that you personally experienced yourself. Knowledge doesn’t come from secondhand information where, well, I know it’s true because I read something in a paper or someone told me it’s true.

Bone broth for gut problems and arthritis

It’s true because I tried it out myself. And so if you have, gut problems or arthritis, or maybe an auto-immune disease, you might want to try it because most people do bone broth, for those two reasons. But today I want to discuss why it may work for those two conditions. And these are just theories we don’t know for sure.

what is bone broth?

Bone broth is basically it’s cooked down bone joints, connective tissue, marrow, ligaments, and tendons. And basically, you’re cooking all that down to make kind of, a brew or a soup out of it. And then you’re going to consume the liquid. And when you cook it, you break it down into these smaller elements. And so you’re taking this protein, this long chain of amino acids, and you’re breaking it up into smaller amino acids. So it is easier to digest and assimilate and absorb into your tissue.

So it’s not just amino acids. It’s a lot of different things when you’re making bone broth, you know, breaking down bone into calcium phosphorous, a lot of other minerals. And there are a lot of other things in joints and connective tissue, and even fat-soluble vitamins that can be in this product. Now we know, that one of the amino acids called glutamine does improve the gut. The gut barrier and bone broth is a good sources of glutamine.

Benefits of bone broth for gut issues and arthritis

Now auto-immune diseases, usually stem from some gut problem where you have this protein that invades the lining of your immune barrier, your gut, and then your immune system starts to inappropriately tag this as a pathogen or a foreign body. And now you have antibodies against this particular protein. And so you can have an auto-immune disease against almost any body tissue.

You can also have something called molecular mimicry where you have some substance that can mimic a body tissue, where you have some substance like gluten, for example, the protein and weed can mimic, the thyroid tissue. So this could be one reason why you develop a Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune condition to your own thyroid. So you have that factor as well. But when we deal with, arthritis, for example, especially rheumatoid arthritis, it’s an auto-immune disease, and it usually stems from the gut. And so anything you can do to heal the gut can be good for arthritis.

There are other types of arthritis conditions with other causes. you could have high iron, which can cause arthritis, or a liver problem from consuming too many omega-six fatty acids, which then create inflammation. Also, a low vitamin D situation can create, arthritis or joint pain, or muscle pain, especially in the lower back. Or you can have a hidden infection in a tooth that can then go into the systemic circulation and go the different parts of your body and create arthritis or heart problems, or it can invade your brain.

So if you’re making bone broth for arthritis, you really want to also find out what is the actual cause of my arthritis, because if it’s coming from something like a liver problem or high iron bone broth is not going to work now, I want to mention one theory that I have that could potentially be the reason why bone broth does help for joint pain, especially, an autoimmune type joint pain situation.

If you think about what an autoimmune disease is, it’s a situation where your own body has antibodies against its own tissue. Okay, they’re called autoantibodies. So it’s like your body has an allergy to its own tissue and it reacts against some tissue. So we have this constant inflammatory situation of the joint. If you have this, this autoimmune condition.

Dr. Royal Lee back in the forties came up with this very interesting, this idea, this concept, and it kind of goes like this. Let’s say you had an autoimmune disease of your joints, okay. Where you had some type of antibodies that are attacking the synovial fluid or the synovial joint or the cartilage or whatever. And you consumed tissue from another species as in bone broth that has similar DNA in it.

And you consume this, it went into your stomach, your own antibodies that are attacking the joint they’re called autoantibodies would then be distracted and go after this decoy. It’s a really brilliant strategy that he came up with. And so what you’re doing is you’re creating a distraction. You’re causing this auto-immune attack to occur in another place in the body and away from the joint, that’s being inflamed, giving the joint a chance to heal.

And so he found that if you did this over a period of time, you can deplete, this store of autoantibodies in your system and improve auto-immune conditions. And so he came up with a lot of different remedies for different types of autoimmune conditions, whether it was for the thyroid or the lung tissue or whatever. And so his company called standard process has these products that end with PMG.

That stands for photomorphogenic, which is basically the DNA of something. But another species like an, a cow, for example. So as products would be like thyroid PMG or over Trophin PMG, this is just one theory that potentially could be true. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I do know when people consume bone broth, they generally do feel better in their joints. So I just wanted to bring that up as maybe another understanding of the mechanism.

What to do for gut issues

if you have gut issues, there are several things you need to do. Number one, probiotics, or even better yet, doing fermented cabbage as in sauerkraut or kimchi, you can get a lot of probiotics from that. also, the diet that you should be on for gut issues should be, fatter. In animal protein. And I’m talking about animal fat and animal protein. Okay. That’s really good for the gut, but the ratio should be more fat to protein. You don’t want to do lean protein with a gut issue. You want to do more fattier protein.

So it’d be like two or three to one, as far as the ratio of how much fat versus protein. So fatty meat, fatty sausage, things like that. If you’re going to be plants or vegetables, I would recommend cooking or steaming them because those plant chemicals can irritate people with gut inflammation. Definitely don’t have any grains or grain oils. Okay. And I would not recommend dairy eggs are fine. Organ meats are fine. Bone marrow is really good.

Can I have bone broth while fasting?

One last point about bone marrow. People want to know, can I take it when I’m fasting? I don’t recommend bone broth when you’re doing intermittent fasting. However, if you’re doing a prolonged fast, let’s say you’re doing three days, four days, seven days, whatever. It might be helpful to take some bone broth simply because you’re going to be in a situation where you might need some of these raw materials, especially some of these amino acids here and there. And because you’re not consuming a lot of food, you’re just consuming a liquid version of immune acid and other products.

I think it could be a very temporary situation where you’re, maybe you’re going out of ketosis and you get right back into it. And a true fast is fasting and you’re not consuming anything else. So if you’re getting like muscle loss, of course, you would need more amino acids from that.