FATIGUE is caused by a lack of these 6 nutrients.

How to boost energy

You know, having enough energy to be able to do things like exercise, and get your work done is so vitally important. And I think most people could always use more energy. So the question is why would someone be tired in the first place? Okay. And the key to reestablishing your energy is to really address the real cause. Now, this post is about nutrient deficiencies.

What causes fatigue?

there are many other causes of fatigue. one being a lack of sleep. If you’re not sleeping, I don’t care how many vitamins you take or what you eat. You’re still going to be tired. And the other core reason why people are tired is they’re consuming the wrong fuel. They’re consuming too much glucose and not running off their stored fat burning fat is the most efficient source of your energy. You have way more sustained fuel-burning fat than you do sugar. Running your body up sugar. Glucose is going to be a roller coaster up and down, up and down. You’re not going to have that sustained energy. And then, of course, the majority of people need stimulants to keep them energetic, like caffeine coffee. And when a lot of people are tired, what do they turn to? They eat food for energy. Of course, the food that they’re eating makes them tired.

Nutrient deficiencies that cause fatigue

let’s dive into the nutrient deficiencies, the primary ones that can make you tired. the first three nutrients relate to the formation and the production of red blood cells. without enough red blood cells or the quality of red blood cells, you can’t carry oxygen, and oxygen is needed to help you burn fuel much like a car needs, oxygen mixed with gasoline, right? So you have a spark plug and a carburetor. You mix a certain amount of oxygen and an ignites and gives you energy, the same thing in your body oxygen to oxidize the fuel. So the first one is B 12.
The trace mineral that’s involved with B12 is cobalt. Okay? So cobalt is a necessary trace mineral so that the food that you’re eating doesn’t have cobalt. It’s going to be very low in B12. The best source of B12 is animal products. Okay? So this is the clue that your body is telling you what type of diet is best for you. So if there’s a classification of foods that are missing a certain nutrient, maybe our bodies weren’t designed to live out that specific food.
They might have other nutrients, but B12 is mostly an animal product. However, certain microbes can make B 12. So that’s an exception. So if someone’s deficient in B12, they’re going to be tired. They’re going to have a lot of other problems with their nervous system. And there’s a whole list of things, but they will become anemic. So what foods are high in B12, meats, fish, eggs, things like that. One of the reasons why someone might be in B12 is that they’re not consuming animal products, or maybe they have an autoimmune problem in their stomach.
There’s a certain, um, factor it’s called an intrinsic factor that, helps you absorb B12. And if that’s not working, you’re going to become a name it all right. The second nutrient that has a lot to do with the creation of a red blood cell is full light. Okay. Full light is vitamin B nine. And you need full light for a lot of different things, including, protection of your DNA, but you also needed to make the red blood cell. So if you’re deficient in the full leg, you will be tired. There were some interesting reasons why people are deficient and foliate one is the tanning booth. If you’re getting too much artificial panning, and there’s too much UV that can create a deficiency of full light.
Fully is in a lot of foods, but it’s, especially in the dark leafy greens, even the derivation, the full aid comes from the word, which means leaf, okay, as in dark leafy green vegetables. So if you’re deficient in folate, you’re going to have fatigue, lethargy, and you’re going to be weak. And there are certain types of anemia that involve a full aid deficiency. Okay? The red blood cells need B12. They need full light and they need you guessed iron. the best source of iron is not leafy greens. It’s not from spinach. Despite what Papa told you that the best bioavailable source of iron is in red meat. Iron is at the core of something called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the thing that carries oxygen in the red blood cell.
Okay. It’s like the protein part and it not only carries oxygen and helps you eliminate carbon dioxide. So those two have to be in a perfect ratio. So if someone is a vegan, they might have a lot of full light, but they might not have B12 and a good source of iron. All right. Number four, I’ve done some really extensive videos on and it’s important for your brain importance in your mood. It gets rid of anxiety and that nervous tension, and also anything that has to do with nerve inflammation, or neuritis. It seems to handle that very well. Especially if you have peripheral neuropathy, which is, this neurological problem at the bottom of your feet, usually occurs because your blood sugars are not correct, but you can think about it as a spark plug, for your energy, without B one, you can’t ignite this fuel.
So B one is very, very vital in the creation of energy in your body. And if someone does a high carb diet, especially a high sugar refined carbohydrate diet, the need for B one goes way, way, way up. And they’re usually deficient. And so they’re usually tired because we cannot burn that fuel. So that fuel just gets converted to fat and cholesterol and triglycerides B one is in a lot of different foods. It’s in animal products, it’s in plant products, it’s in seeds to nuts. It’s in sunflower seeds. It’s made by microbes as in nutritional yeast. But the reason why most people are deficient and B one is that they’re consuming a lot of refined carbohydrates and sugars. And so it’s not necessarily a lack of getting B one from the diet, it’s eating things that are creating the deficiency.
Okay. So we have a B12 full late iron B one and number five magnesium. Okay. Magnesium is, is crucial. It’s vital to generating energy because you need magnesium to make ATP, which is the energy currency of your body. And without magnesium, you can’t make ATP. And by the way, the majority of the population is deficient in magnesium. Well, where do you get magnesium? Well, magnesium is at the heart of chlorophyll, which is in the leafy greens. It’s in the vegetable family.
So, but you can also get magnesium and a lot of other foods, animal products, and plant-based products are good without the refined foods and those foods that turn into the wrong type of fuel, very fast as ingrained. So even if no grains might have a lot of magnesium and other minerals like iron it’s locked up with phytic acid. Okay. But when they refined the grain, all the nutrition is lost. And so you’re eating this empty carbohydrate, which then creates a deficiency of these nutrients. And this is why people get tired. And number six, potassium is needed in large quantities in our body for a reason, because then all of our cells, we have this little, pump it’s called a sodium-potassium pump that helps you generate energy within your muscles and your nervous system. So if you’re deficient in potassium, you are going to be tired.
You’re going to be dragging. You’re not going to have the muscle energy you’re going to try to work out. And you just don’t have the endurance not to mention the nervous system. I’m also talking about your brain and nervous system too. So if you do a lot of, mental work, throughout the day, you’ll lose your mind and your cognitive power. So where do we have potassium, and leafy greens, but it’s also in a lot of other foods as well. So as you can see, we need a combination of foods to eat, to generate energy. And then we want to avoid certain foods that make us tired, and we want to make sure we get enough sleep. Now, if you haven’t been sleeping that well, that could be fatigue.