The best natural antibiotic remedy

I wonder if you do this upgraded POST of an older POST that I did on a natural, antibiotic concoction. anything that I say is not meant to replace your medical care, check with your doctor before implementing what I’m about to show you. So I’m going to give you a formula, for something you can make. It’s a homemade drink that you’ll take at the first sign of sickness. When you get a tickle in your throat or you feel run down, or you go through a stressful event, that’s when you’re going to take this.

Antibiotics vs. antimicrobial plants

a couple of things you need to know, when you take an antibiotic, realize that only kills bacteria, it doesn’t kill viruses. It doesn’t kill candida fungus, things like that. What you’re going to be taking is you’re going to be taking an anti-microbial remedy.

And we’re going to borrow, these powerful chemicals from plants. Now, plants have been developing these sophisticated, amazing chemicals that have all sorts of properties for a long time before humans and plants can’t run away. So here they are stuck in the dirt. And so they are forced to develop all sorts of defense mechanisms to help them survive against a huge battle of not just bacteria, but fungi viruses, pests, et cetera. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to tap into their chemicals and use them for our benefit. So this is not really an antibiotic. It’s an anti-microbial. So it’s antibacterial antivirus, anti-parasite, and there’s going to be a lot fewer side effects than an antibiotic, which creates antibiotic resistance.

When you tap into the anti-microbial effects from plants, you don’t get the same resistance. Okay? You don’t get the side effects you don’t. When they talk about herbal remedies there, they classify them as alternative medicine, but honestly, pharmaceutical companies get a lot of their ideas from plants. The first form of medicine was from mother nature. So from my viewpoint, it appears that modern medicine is really the alternative to the original form of medicine, which came from plants by their nature and natural remedies.

Supporting your immune system

Now just realize too, if you get a fever, for example, you don’t want to try to run out and get some medication to try to suppress the feed around, off the bat, because a fever is part of your immune system response. And your immune system is your greatest weapon against infections. A lot of people don’t talk about this. They don’t emphasize it, but your immune system is really what’s going to fight this thing off. All we’re going to do is use natural compounds to enhance our immune system defenses. So if you start taking things to suppress a fever, for example, you may find that the infection stays around a lot longer. So it’s going to be harder for you to resolve this situation. Now, the next thing is the most important thing. So if you checked out, check back in right now, this is very, very, very important, stress.

How stress is linked to sickness?

If you’re going through stress right now, which you probably are, or if you’re sick, because stress always is the thing that triggers a lowered immune system, you must do whatever you can to reduce the stress. Why? Because stress activates cortisol in the presence of high levels of cortisol. Your immune system can not function. It gets put on pause. And that means that pathogens can very easily invade your body. So this whole thing with cortisol and stress must be resolved. Also, realize there’s a natural form of cortisol that you can also tap into. And that is vitamin D, which is not really a vitamin it’s a hormone. So the more you can expose yourself to the sun or take vitamin D the better the immune system will work and you’ll get the effects of cortisol without all these side effects because vitamin D does not paralyze the immune system. It modulates it, it controls the overreaction of an immune system but helps improve the immune system. At the same time. It increases your immune system’s ability to fight back.

The best antimicrobial remedy

All right? So we’re going to be using several things that we’re going to blend in a 16-ounce Mason jar. And you’re going to keep this in the refrigerator and it’s going to actually get stronger and more potent over time because it’s going to ferment. So you’re going to be using garlic, which has a certain phytonutrient fact. It has 33 additional sulfur-based compounds that directly help as an anti-microbial. So garlic is the most important thing.

You’ll also use ginger, which is a very potent antimicrobial. You’re going to be using turmeric, which is probably number two after garlic in its anti-microbial effects. And as the curcumin in turmeric, that is going to help you. And then we’re going to also use apple cider vinegar. Okay. Now in the first POST I did, I recommended using two cups. I found that’s pretty strong.

So we’re going to use a lot less, but apple cider vinegar is going to help acidify your system to the point where your phagocytes, those little guys that help clean up the infection and help fight microbes. You can stimulate phagocytes through acidification. And then we’re going to use a whole lemon with the peels, the outside, and everything. You’re going to blend it. That’s going to give you your very potent vitamin C complex in the bioflavonoids to help your immune system. So you’re not going to just use lemon juice. You’re gonna use the whole lemon. And then in this mixture, you’re going to a very specific type of honey called menuca honey.

in the first POST, I didn’t recommend it in this post. I’m going to recommend it, not a lot, but just some because of its very, very powerful anti-microbial effects. So the benefits or the pros of using this honey, far outweigh the cons, as far as it breaking your ketogenic, plan, because this honey has a very interesting chemical called M G O as well as hydrogen peroxide to can really speed things up for you. So this is what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna take 15 cloves of garlic.

You’re not going to have to put them through a garlic press because you’re going to put them right into the blender. Okay? So 15 garlic, cloves take a whole lemon and organic lemon. Stick that in the blender. Now we’re going to take one tablespoon of turmeric powder. Then you’re going to create a fourth of a cup of ginger. So you’re going to take some ginger. You’re going to shred it on a grater until you get about a fourth of a cup. You’re going to put that in the blender. It’s going to be very, very spicy.

You’re going to take a fourth of a cup of this menuca honey, and pour that into the blender. You’re going to also add one ounce of extra Virgin olive oil. Why? Because this oil is going to help you extract the fat Cybil, plant-based compounds that are in these plants. Now you could instead use coconut oil. If you want, just use a heaping teaspoon of that, and put it in the blender because, in order to extract fat-soluble compounds, you need fat, just like you’d put oil on your salad because the carotenoids plant-based chemicals in your salad are fat Cybil so they need fat to be able to break them down.

We’re going to add three ounces of apple cider vinegar, put that in the blender and then add a cup of water. Now you’re going to blend this for about one to two minutes, and then you’re going to pour it into this 16-ounce Mason jar. Okay. And then you’re going to finish it off with some additional water until you’re about half an inch from the top.

You’re going to seal the jar completely tight and put it in the refrigerator. you could start using this immediately, but just realize that the longer it’s in the fridge, the better it’s going to work as far as the potency goes. And then at the first sign of sickness, whether it’s a tickle in the throat or you’re feeling run down, you’re tired. You’re going to take a shot of this drink. And then you can also take an additional four shots spread out through the rest of the day. So there you have it, a natural anti-microbial drink.