The Best VEGETABLE Replacement Smoothie

What to do if you don’t like vegetables

I know it’s hard to believe. Some people don’t like vegetables, some people don’t get enough vegetables and they want to find ways to enhance their diet. And there’s one smoothie that I’m going to recommend.

The best vegetable replacement smoothie

This vegetable substitute is a green product for sure, but it’s not plant-based. Okay. So let’s see if you can guess what it is. Okay. NASA did major research on this green and they said this, the nutritional value of a thousand kilograms of fruits and vegetables equals one kilogram of fill-in-the-blank. Can you guess this green actually has vitamin B12? In fact, it has all the B vitamins. It’s a really good iron source. It’s loaded with vitamin E and a pre-vitamin a beta carotene 55 to 70% protein. Okay. An 18% essential fatty acid. And this is what it is. Lena.

what a spirulina?

Well, it’s a blue, green alga. It’s a bacteria that can convert sunlight to chemical energy. It is 10 times more efficient in producing photosynthesis. Then plants and photosynthesis is the conversion of sun energy to chemical energy.

Benefits of spirulina

So it is definitely right up there as a superfood. They also use it to help, uh, with radiation sickness, people take it to increase energy and spirulina is one of the first organisms to actually make oxygen.

The best type of spirulina

Now, if you’re going to get spirulina, make sure it doesn’t have added multiple dextrins and there’s no added soy. Now, of course, I am not biased with my own spirulina product, But out of all the green things that you can take that are not vegetables, spirulina is a really good alternative.

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The best vegetable replacement smoothie

All you do is add one scoop with half a cup of berries. I recommend blueberries and 16 ounces of water. Blend it up and drink it down. Now this spirulina drink is an enhancement to your diet. I still do recommend that you get enough leafy greens like salads as a normal part of your diet.