The Best Food for Increasing CoQ10 Naturally (Coenzyme Q10)

How to Increase CoQ10

Today, we’re going to talk about the number one top food to greatly boost your coenzyme. Q 10. Now, what is coenzyme Q 10? Well, it’s a coenzyme, which is a little different than an enzyme.

What is CoQ10?

So it’s a helper enzyme. Well, what does it help with? Well, it helps to make, your energy currency in your body called ATP. And this occurs in the energy factory called the mitochondria. So coenzyme Q 10 is intimately involved in making ATP or energy it’s involved in maintaining that ATP or energy. And it’s also involved in reducing the by-product, that occurs when you make that energy, which is like oxidative stress, free, radical damage. So it’s a very powerful antioxidant. So it will be equivalent to specialized gasoline in your car that would not give you any exhaust, exhaust being the oxidation, the free radical damage.

So the reason why we need so much coenzyme Q 10 in our heart is because that is the part of the body that generates the most energy out of any part. I mean, it has to generate a lot of energy and it’s constantly beating 24/7. It never really relaxes. And so you need this specialized coenzyme to maintain that energy. And because it produces all the energy, it comes with a lot of exhaust. So we also need to clean that up as well. So that’s why coenzyme Q 10 is so important. And so a lot of people take it for cardiovascular function and they get more energy from it. It helps them, lower blood pressure.

CoQ10 benefits

I’m going to tell you why, because coenzyme Q 10 supports the blood vessel to the heart. As in the endothelial function, it also helps maintain the capacity of energy to keep your energy in the heart at a certain level. So it doesn’t dip down because if there’s a lowered level of energy in that heart, then your blood pressure is going to start going higher and higher and higher as a way to compensate and increase more pressure and volume to make up for the loss of energy and other parts of the heart.

So coenzyme Q 10 is intimately involved in the contraction of the heart muscle. And so if you don’t have enough, it could, it’s not going to contract as much. And then you can get a backup of fluids, a DEMA, and things like that. And so the body considers this coenzyme Q 10 is a very important survival, helper molecule because if your heart fails, you’re not going to actually survive. And coenzyme Q 10 reduces the oxidative stress from the heart. It helps lower blood pressure. It helps reduce the side effects of statins, which are drugs that block the production of cholesterol.

So one of the problems with stand-in among many others is that it has a side effect of, toxicity to your muscles. And that occurs because it depletes coenzyme Q 10th. And that’s interesting because it tells you what co-enzyme does. It protects the heart against things like muscle inflammation, muscle weakness, and muscle damage. And of course, when you have anything like that, you’re going to have tea. So let’s just picture yourself. You ran up a hill, right? What you’re going to get to a point where you can’t keep going, right? You’re going to be exhausted.

You’re going to be huffing and puffing. And that’s because the heart cannot maintain that blood flow. And it’s eventually going to stop you. And it might just kind of be stooping over hunched over because the heart is working so hard, it’s it has to anchor itself to the sternum and the back part. And it’s going to pull you forward. And so coenzyme, Q 10 is all about increasing and optimizing the full energy of the cardiovascular system. And so you can imagine the more coenzyme Q 10, you have the longer, the heart is going to last.

What depletes CoQ10?

Now the next question is what? Depletes? Coenzyme Q 10, well age, the older you get the less you’re going to have. Okay. Number two, are chronic illness, diabetes, and inflammatory illnesses. The next one is stress. Okay. Stress will deplete it. And the next one I already talked about statins and the last one is low vitamin B6. Okay. So coenzyme Q 10 needs B six to work.

The #1 food to boost CoQ10

So now that you have the basics, what food can increase coenzyme Q 10 in your body? Well, the number one food is you ready for this beef heart. Now, before you click off, there are some other sources.

Other foods to increase CoQ10

If you choose not to eat the beef heart, you can also do beef liver. That’s another one. Unfortunately, as much as I would eat liver, I don’t like liver. Some people do, but you can get a good amount of coenzyme, Q 10 from organ meats and especially the beef heart and even the liver. But if you’re like me and you want another source, you can get it from leafy greens.

Now the planet’s main energy source is the sun, but we can’t extract the energy directly from the sun, but plants can through something called photosynthesis, right? So the plant converts the sunlight with CO2 in the air to this chemical energy storage called chlorophyll and chlorophyll is green. So anything green has a good amount of coral in it.

Now, other plants that are not green also have this photosynthesis, but they don’t have as much chlorophyll. So the more foods that you can eat that are green, and I’m not talking about the statue, ice cream, or lime green jello, I’m talking about salad parsley, especially, or any of the leafy green vegetables. You are going to help increase your coenzyme. Q 10, not to mention the other benefits of vegetables, potassium, and magnesium. And of course the fiber In the plants that feed the microbes that can also indirectly give you energy.

Now you can also get chlorophyll in algae as in blue-green algae or other types of allergies. So that’s another source. Now, as far as fish goes, you’ll get a little bit more coenzyme. Q 10, if you have the red flesh fish, like in Yellowfin, tuna, that’s a good source. So if you’re getting older and you’re just feeling like your energy is not high, you could just need more coenzyme Q 10 and why not just start eating those foods that can help beef up?

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