How to Give Up Alcohol and Protect Your Liver

How to stop alcohol cravings

if you are interested in reducing the amount of alcohol you are addicted to, I’m sorry, craving this for you is for you. there are many reasons why people drink alcohol, reduce stress, and maybe for health reasons, which I did a post on that. There is zero health benefit to drinking alcohol.

The effects of alcohol

Now in the liver, you have a couple of different enzymes that break down alcohol. The first one takes ethanol and turns it into a toxic material called a seagull aldehyde, which is the chemical that causes damage to your cells. It’s the chemical that gives you a hangover. It makes you feel kind of funky. And then there are other enzymes to break it down further into a scenic acid, which is actually vinegar. So in your body, delivering turns alcohol into vinegar, which is interesting and vinegar is non-toxic for your liver.

So there’s a natural remedy that has virtually no side effects that can help reduce or prevent the consumption of alcohol. It’s very studied with, significant results. It’s been around since at least 600 Ady, which was used in Chinese medicine, but the effect of alcohol on the liver is not good. It depletes your vitamin B1, which gives you a whole series of additional side effects. It can increase your risk of getting cancer. It increases fat on your liver. Inflammation in your liver increases your risk of getting cirrhosis, which is scar tissue on your liver and an increase in estrogen in the body. So the more estrogen, the less testosterone you’re going to have.

The best natural remedy to reduce alcohol consumption

so this natural urge is called cut suit and cut. Sue is that plant that you see on the side of the road, that literally covers trees and fences. And so this plant cuts who is in the lagoon family, and I’ve been looking at it as an alternative source to feed my farm animals because it’s very, very high in nitrogen and protein. It’s like 26% protein and even humans can eat it. They can put it in their salad or they can take it as an extract. It’s also really good to put in your compost as the green manure because it’s very, very high in nitrogen. So it can act as organic slow-releasing nitrogen to make your plants grow really well and really spike the chlorophyll content.

But you can also use it to help reduce your craving for alcohol in one study. And this was a placebo-controlled double-blinded study and it was done in mice. They showed just one dose, okay. Two grams of the cut suit within two and a half hours produced a significant decrease in the desire to drink alcohol.

Now the Chinese translation of cuts SU means drunkenness dispel or, or make less drunk. So Kutztown has these very special phytonutrients. What’s involved in the breakdown of ethanol, is very similar to certain medications. They use to help people curb their appetite for alcohol, but without the side effects. So when you consume this extract or consume the leaf in a salad, you will not only desire less alcohol, but you will have fewer toxic effects from alcohol.

In fact, you’ll probably find that you won’t get a hangover. So a couple of ways to apply this, you can take a cut suit extract before you go to a social event or a few hours before you’re going to drink. And you’re going to find that you’re just not going to have that desire as much now, cuts that also work on the neurotransmitters in your brain, GABA, and dopamine, which are both directly involved in addiction. And there’s also one study.

I found that you can use catsuits to help reduce the addiction or cravings for even cocaine. If you have a problem with that, but two cuts that are totally edible, you can use it as a green, very similar to eating Swiss chard, for example, where you’re going to cook it, you’ll still get the benefits. So on that note, that’s your remedy to help reduce the amount of alcohol.