How to QUICKLY Grow Long, Thick Eyelashes!

Growing thick long eyelashes

Today, we’re going to talk about eyelashes and really important, nutritional factors in relation to helping you grow your eyelashes or make them thicker or longer. per eyelid, you have about one to 200, hair follicles.

Eyelashes explained

the hairs that grow out of your eyelids go through two different phases. One is a growth phase and a rest phase. And when people start either losing their eyelashes or they become small and very thin, there’s a problem with one of these two phases. And there are a lot of different technical names for these conditions that describe them. But that doesn’t really tell you what’s really behind this problem. I mean, if we just take a look at the basics, we have the eyelash, what does an eyelash well it’s protein? What makes up protein Immuno acids? What makes up amino acids?

we have a combination of this biochemical reaction occurring with certain raw materials, which one really important, the factor would be trace minerals. Okay, so you need trace minerals to make amino acids, which then help turn into proteins, which are basically just a long chain of different amino acids. And when you’re missing certain trace minerals, devastating things can happen to your body. Much like missing a trace. Minerals in the soil will have devastating effects on the plants as well as devastating effects on the animals that eat the plant. And on top of that, the devastating effects of humans, eating animals that are deficient in certain trace minerals.

Now, I just want to mention a book that I’m reading, which is actually related to this topic. It’s a fascinating book. This is it right here. I don’t know if you can see it, soil, grass, and cancer. Okay. Now, when I first found this book, sounded very, very interesting until I got to the price, which was $250. So immediately I said, there’s no way in hell. I’m going to buy a book. That’s $250 despite revealing the link between human and animal health and mineral balance in the soil, which got my attention because I’m doing all sorts of experiments on my farm. So about an hour later, it’s basically haunting me. I’m thinking why can’t I find any useful books that are a lot less expensive? I mean, why aren’t people getting rid of this book? I mean, maybe it’s extremely valuable and no one is wanting to resell it and it starts to evolve to this point of like, I have to get this book. I have to see what’s in this book because, it must be good if it’s that expensive or I would, I would see some negative reviews. I haven’t seen any negative reviews, only amazing reviews.

Now, of course, it’s a bit technical for the average person, but it’s a fascinating study on the relationship between missing trace minerals in the soil and how that affects the plant and the animals and humans because the foundation of our health actually starts in the soil. If there’s something missing in the soil, which there is, how can you create food and animals that feed us that, turn into health, you can’t, and these little trace minerals are vitally important because it’s at the heart of enzymes. It’s at the heart of making vitamins like B12 and it’s at the heart of making antioxidants and even fat on nutrients. All right. So let me get back on topic here because I’m getting a little distracted.

What causes thin eyelashes?

So if you investigate and look up the mechanism of why someone would lose their eyelashes, it comes down to a deficiency of a very specific type of prostate gland in that don’t get too hung up on this word, prostate Glennon, the prostate gland is just a signaling molecule. It’s kind of like a hormone. It’s, a message that travels to the body that tells the body to do certain things. And if you’re deficient in a certain prostate gland and you can have, all sorts of problems with growing hair, inflammation, and yet if there are other prosecutions that you have too much that can relate to things like headaches. For example, when you take an aspirin, what you’re doing is you’re blocking certain types of prostate glands, and that’s why aspirin works for headaches. But in summary, some of the medications that they use involved in growing high lashes have to do with enhancing, this deficiency of this specific prostate gland and are called prostate gland and F two alpha. If you really wanted to now, we’re just going to call this PGF two alpha. And that way we can sound a little bit smarter.

How to grow long, thick eyelashes

So there are actually just two things you need to know about, increasing this, deficiency of this prostate gland. One is an acid called ricinoleic acid that acid can help correct that deficiency and help someone regrow their eyelashes, not just help grow it, but it can actually thicken the eyelashes and then help the texture to make them, have the right oil, consistency, and number two zinc. And that is the trace mineral that, I’m leading up to when you are zinc deficient, you can’t make that prostate landed.

Now, remember I talked about trace minerals, making all sorts of things like enzymes and phytonutrients while they also make this signaling molecule called prostate Glennon. And without zinc, you can’t make it. So this is why zinc is really important in, your nails, your skin, your hair, your immune system, making testosterone it’s involved in literally like a hundred different biochemical reactions at least. And so there’s been quite a few reports and people taking zinc and helping, regrow their hair and specifically the eyelashes.

Now, if you’re going to get a zinc supplement, I would highly recommend you get a quality zinc supplement in a blend of all the trace minerals to be totally transparent, I have a zinc product and a blend of all the trace minerals that I sell and not even telling you to get that product. It’s actually more important to find out why you’re deficient in zinc in the first place, like looking at your diet. So zinc is involved in regrowing, the eyelashes, and also this restenosis acid, which by the way, is in Castro oil.

Now castor oil is a laxative. It’s a preservative. It is something that helps women induce labor. When they’re about to deliver. It’s used as a skin moisturizer. It’s also used as an anti-dandruff, remedy, but a lot of women use it to help regrow their eyelashes. And personally, if you’re going to get Castro oil, just make sure it’s organic and it’s a cold-processed or unrefined, as long as it’s that you don’t have to get a very, very expensive Castro oil because a lot of the Castro oil really comes from the same place because some people actually sell it in these very tiny bottles where it’s, you know, you can get the same material in a much larger bottle at a fraction of the cost. So the two best things for lashes are number one, zinc and castor oil. I would put Castro oil topically and take zinc internally because that way you’re working on something from the inside out.

Now, there’s a really interesting study done on mice, where they evaluated, feeding mice aspirin because aspirin blocks those prostaglandins right. And this is what they found. They found that when they did that, they created the exact same effect as a zinc deficiency because they looked at the symptoms of a zinc deficiency and a prostate Glennon deficiency, and are both the same. And the lesson or takeaway from this post is to understand what these symptoms are with these little red light indicators. and instead of camouflaging a hole in the bucket, find out what the deeper underlying root causes are instead of just patching a hole.