Before bed, consume 1/2 cup of this to sleep like a baby.

The most effective natural sleep aid

I want to share a very exciting, natural remedy that you can take to enhance your sleep as you know, sleep is so, so important. And there’s one remedy that I think will work really well. And you just take half a cup of this before bed and you will sleep better. And that thing is Keifer.

what is Kiefer?

Well, it’s similar to yogurt, but it’s better than yogurt. It has a lot more microbes. It has between 12 to 50 different strains whereas yogurt only has between like one and three, maybe, maybe four or five. And as far as the quantity of microbes, not just the strains, a Kiefer has five times more microbes than yogurt. And a lot of these microbes survive, the stomach acids, whereas they don’t with yogurt. Now the real unique thing about Keifer is that it has not only friendly bacteria, but it has friendly yeast. So the combination of friendly and friendly bacteria is very important in their functions. Also with Keifer, you’re going to get fewer problems, with lactose intolerance because those microbes in Keifer eat lactose milk sugar. So you’re going to have less milk sugar, and you’re just going to have fewer symptoms, especially gas when you have Keifer versus when you have yogurt.

Kefir benefits

There are a lot of other benefits with Keifer. You’ll have less liver fat, you’ll have fewer allergies, less constipation, an improved immune system, better blood sugars, better blood pressure because of how it acts as an ACE inhibitor, and fewer pathogens.

Kefir for better sleep

Now regarding sleep itself. Let’s talk about what the keeper can do directly for your sleep benefits, your microbes make serotonin. In fact, 90% of all the serotonin in your body comes from your microbes. So more of the right microbes, the more serotonin, and serotonin is a feel-good hormone. It is a hormone that can affect your mood. It can help reduce stress, not to mention Keefer makes microbes that can make melatonin directly.

Now there are several things in your body to make melatonin. In fact, all your cells can make melatonin, but, mainly people think of the pineal in your brain that makes melatonin. Still, your gut also makes melatonin both the microbes, as well as certain cells, specifically an interesting cell called entro. Chromophore thin cell. That’s a, it’s kind of interesting cell because it’s a neuroendocrine cell. So it’s kind of a half neurological and half hormone. And those cells make melatonin and control inflammation and they also control acids. And Keifer makes microbes that make the amino acid tryptophan turns into serotonin, and then it turns into melatonin. So again, another thing that will help you sleep is Keifer also has a really good source of bioavailable calcium, which can also help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

The microbes in Kiefer also make certain B vitamins, including diamine, which greatly helps stress, especially if you’re trying to go to sleep and your thinking and your thinking, and you can’t turn it off B one is what you need. And the lactobacillus microbes in Kiefer help reduce cortisol. Try to sleep when your cortisol is too high, it’s impossible. So anything you can do to reduce cortisol will help you sleep. So that are quite a few things that directly help your sleep, that stem from Kiefer.

The best type of kefir to consume

Now, as far as the type of key for that, I’m going to recommend it. I highly recommend that you make your own. There’s a really great website that I get my crystals from that it’s like a starter, a little group of microbes it’s called Keifer live grains, but there are no grains in it. And the website that I go to is called happy And I don’t get any cut or I’m not affiliated with this website, but it’s just a really good source of high quality. very inexpensive, starter, key for grains.

How to make kefir?

I would highly recommend if you had the choice, use goat’s milk, but you can use cow’s milk and other sites, they explained that to do it. They send you a little guidance and I will put the link down below. But basically what you do is you just take one tablespoon and you put it right into, two cups of milk and you don’t need to heat it or anything.

You just take it out of the fridge, put it on your counter, put a little cloth top, or even a paper towel with a little rubber band. And you just wait for a day 24 hours. And you have Keifer, which is not as thick as yogurt, but you’re going to benefit from all these great microbes. And you can experiment with the temperature to make it a little bit warmer or a little more concentrated or leave it out for a little bit longer to make it sourer, which means there’s going to be less lactose in there and more lactic acid. And the cool thing is you can take these grains out and keep them in a little bit of milk and then keep using them over and over and over. And this way you have a fresh batch of keepers, on a regular basis.

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