A Fatty Liver’s BEST Foods (MUST READ)

How to get rid of fat on your liver

We’re sharing some interesting data related to foods that you can eat to strip off the fat from your liver. Fatty liver disease is huge. I mean, if we’re just talking about non-alcoholic, fatty liver disease, we’re talking about 1.7 billion people on this planet. And then when you get into the fatty liver, that’s caused by alcohol. That’s another huge percentage, and this is not counting the people who drank alcohol that develop a fatty liver. So both non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic fatty liver disease, have the same problem, with different causes. Now I’m excited to share, a tool that helped me find a lot of this information. It’s called illicit.org.

It’s an incredible, search tool. It goes out into, I think over 200 million research papers and it helps you find certain pieces of information that are sometimes hard to find when you’re doing Google searches. Okay. I’ll put a link down below. It’s very, very helpful. And so today we’re going to talk about the foods that you should be eating to help remove fat from your liver.

What are the worst foods for your liver?

Well, on the flip side, I should also tell you what foods, will worsen the liver. the big one is fruit toast. Th the thing that’s unique about fruit toast is that fruit toast is a type of sugar that cannot be dealt with by all of you in your body like glucose, only by your liver cells. So anytime you consume high fructose corn syrup or any type of fruit toast from fruit, the liver is forced to deal with it. And if you overload the liver with too much fructose, you start developing a fatty liver.

Even now fructose is low on the glycemic index. And of course, anything that will increase insulin can contribute to a fatty liver. That would be like sugar, refined carbohydrates. There are also other things like inflammation that can cause a fatty liver. And so we had this whole stage of inflammation, fatty liver, scar tissue of the liver cirrhosis. And then of course you have insulin resistance in the liver that can actually increase more insulin and create more fatty liver. And then, of course, having a fatty liver can create more inflammation, worsening insulin resistance.

So it’s a, it’s a never-ending cycle, but if you’re standing up and you look down at your shoes and you can’t see your shoes because of your belly in the way that you definitely have a fatty liver, but even if you don’t have a belly, you could still have a fatty liver that’s called skinny fat. And before we get into it, if you have not seen my post on how to remove 50% of the fat off your liver in two weeks, using the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

The best healthy fats for your liver

We want foods that also have a good ratio of high omega-3 fatty acids to low omega-six fatty acids because omega-three fats can help remove the fat off the liver. The other thing I would have mentioned is that’s also very Contra intuitive, short-chain, fatty acids, they’re fats, and they can help get rid of fat off your liver because they can significantly improve insulin resistance. And the way that your body can create short-chain, fatty acids is by consuming fiber that feeds the microbes, and then the microbes make these short-chain fatty acids as a by-product. And I want to mention this before we get into the foods, there are all sorts of phytonutrients.

The best phytonutrients for a fatty liver

Plant-based compounds that dramatically lower inflammation, which can indirectly help you reduce fat on your liver curcumin, From turmeric like resveratrol, which also comes in grapes. And then sometimes people start eating the grapes. The problem is they have fruit toast. So that’s going to counter that effect, or they might start consuming wine because that has resveratrol. The problem is the alcohol in the wine creates liver damage. So it’s not going to help you, but then you have this very powerful compound in green tea, which is E G C G. And even in many supplements or spices, like the phytonutrient in black seed called Thermo Quinones is a very powerful, compound to help strip fat off your liver.

Other things you can do for a fatty liver

other things you can do, like fasting, especially exercise can help decrease fat off your liver. And even the vitamin D from the sun can help you remove found out the liver, vitamin a and vitamin E both help reduce fat on your liver. But as far as foods go, let’s go ahead and cover that right now.

The best foods to remove fat from your liver

All of the cruciferous vegetables significantly help reduce fat on the liver. So we’re talking about arugula broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, radish Swiss chard. You have this high fiber, relatively low carb, low sugar, food with the fiber, the other vegetable that’s very, very potent for removing fat from the liver is dandelion greens. Now it’s a bit thicker or the texture is a little bit harder to chew. It’s not as tender as salad, but I grow dandelion greens in my greenhouse. And it’s a perfect green to add to your salad because of its potent liver effects, not just for a fatty liver, but for many other problems with the liver and salmon.

While caught salmon. Why? Because of the high amounts of omega-3 omega-3 fats help strip the fat off the liver. But I did find a study, that using that tool elicits that consuming farm-raised salmon, worsened, the fat on the liver. So you’d want to do wild-caught salmon. And then we have olive oil. Olive oil is a certain fat that can help get rid of fat in your liver. Plus olive oil is very anti-inflammatory, but it has some really good potent. Phyto-nutrients just make sure it’s not the fake olive oil, which is so common nowadays. So spend a little bit more money on a quality olive oil that, that actually really will create the effects that you want now, probiotics.

Help get rid of fat on your liver. So that would include probiotic foods like fermented vegetables, especially sauerkraut kimchi, and you can even use Kiefer, As a fermented food product that can help you the next two vegetables, which I’m going to include based on the research found garlic and onion. Both have very powerful effects on getting rid of fat on your liver. So definitely start including more garlic and onion in your meals. And the last one is not really food, but it’s a drink of coffee. Believe it or not.

Coffee has the potential to help you strip fat off of your liver. Of course, I’m only going to recommend doing one cup because the excess caffeine can keep you up at night, but the Catholic acid and other, chemicals in coffee, even caffeine help reduce fat on your liver, and green tea and black tea also can help you reduce that on your liver.