5 Nutritional Insights from Your Lips

What your lips can tell you about your nutritional state?

Now you can get a lot of great information nutritionally by just looking at someone’s lips. So today we’re going to talk about how to use the lips to help diagnose what’s going on inside.

1 Pale or grey lips

let’s start off with, just pale or great lips. This is usually a situation where you are anemic. Okay. Now there are two main types of anemia. One would be an iron deficiency anemia, and the other one would be B12 deficiency anemia. So it could be either, or, but if you’re deficient in copper, that could affect your ability to absorb iron. And so that can cause the deficiency as well. So it could be a lack of copper iron or B12 now normally to get iron and red meat and especially liver and seafood, spinach is not a good source of iron, despite all those Popeye cartoons. So as far as the scenarios that you could be iron deficient, it could be, you just don’t consume any meats at all.

You’re more of a vegan. It could also be a lack of hydrochloric acid. Let’s say, for example, you’re on an acid that can create a deficiency of iron, or let’s say you’re consuming a lot of, grains with these phytates phytates are like anti-nutrients, they will block the ability to absorb minerals, especially iron. So if you’re doing a lot of grains, that could be why you’re iron deficient. Now it could also be that you’re a female and you have heavy periods and you’re losing a lot of blood.

That’s another reason why you’re anemic. And also it could be that you have inflammation in your gut. Let’s say you have, IVs or some type of, Crohn’s or diverticulitis or any type of inflammatory problem with the bounce that can definitely stop you from absorbing minerals, including B12. Now, as far as the anemia with B12, that can also be a lack of hydrochloric acid. It could also mean that you’re not consuming enough animal products because that’s where you get B12 from animal products. And so the same things that can create an iron deficiency could also create a B12 deficiency.

2 Blue lips

All right. What about if you have blue lips? Okay. Well, it could be that you just came out of the cold. that could be one reason because the temperature can drive all the blood internally and create a lack of blood flow to your lips, but it can also be other things like you’re in shock. it could also be cyanide poisoning. And just as a side note, there is a natural remedy for Sinai poisoning. I want to bring your attention to it’s called hydroxyl. Cobalamine, it’s a type of B12 that you can actually order online. B12 combines with cyanide to form cyanocobalamin and helps reduce that toxicity.

3 Darker lips

Now, what about if your lips are, becoming darker, that could be your smoke or exposure to a lot of secondhand smoke. So of course smoking has a lot of chemicals. Smoking decreases oxygen and circulation in the body, but smoking will interfere with the pigment melanin to and create a darker appearance on your lips. You may also notice these vertical wrinkles around the mouth if you’re a smoker.

4 Dry or chapped lips

All right. Now, what about dry lips? Well, there could be a couple of different reasons for dry lips. The biggest one would be a lack of essential fatty acids, specifically omega-3 fatty acids. And that could be either you’re not consuming enough. Omega-3 because you don’t eat fish or Cod liver oil, or it could be more commonly a situation where you’re consuming a lot of omega-six fatty acids. That would be in the typical foods that you would eat at a fast-food restaurant, or even allow the other restaurants out there. It’s an omega-six fatty acid that includes corn oil, soy oil, canola, and cotton seed oil, which are in so many of our foods. So a lot of people are heavy on that and they’re not doing enough omega-3 and that will just totally dry out and your lips, which can also cause you to have chapped lips. So dry lips and chaplains kind of crossover. But if you have just generally dry lips, I would start to beef up your omega-three fatty acids with Collibra oil or consume more salmon, things like that. Wild-caught salmon.

Now, if you have chapped lips, that could be a combination of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency. It could also be a vitamin D deficiency, which you’ll see in the wintertime. So this is why people have chapped lips during the winter, and they use Carmex, or they might use different types of lip balms, but that usually dries out the lips because it has mineral oil. Make sure you never put anything on your body that has mineral oil, because it can extract the fat Cybil vitamins that include taking mineral oil in any of your products because that’ll extract the fat-soluble vitamins and end up drying out things externally and internally. It’s not good for the liver. It could also be a zinc deficiency, or it could be that you’re getting too much vitamin a, so vitamin toxicity, which would usually come from a supplement you’re taking with just high doses. Maybe you’re trying to get rid of your acne and taking a lot of vitamin a, and that is creating the vitamin toxicity, which then will lead to, um, chapped lips. So any one of these imbalances can create that when you have too much vitamin a, you can, it can actually deplete your vitamin D. So it’s really the balance of these fat-soluble vitamins. And of course, the best way to get vitamin D is for the sun. Okay. So the sun will give you a good amount of vitamin D. Now, of course, zinc you would get in red meat. Okay. You would also get in seafood, shellfish, wasters, and things like that.

5 Cracked corners of the mouth

Now, what about the cracks in the corner of the mouth? That is usually a B2 deficiency that usually occurs because you’re consuming too many refined carbohydrates. Okay. Refined carbohydrates will create a B2 deficiency and it can show up as a cracked corner of her mouth. The other way that people become deficient. And the other B vitamins is they’re lacking the microbiome. They usually had an antibiotic or they’re eating foods that don’t support the microbiome because your microbiome can make be too. And the best diet to give you B2 would be a good amount of eggs, egg yolk, also cheese, make sure it’s high-quality cheese, not American cheese. And the leafy greens will give you a good amount of B2. And of course, you’re going to have to avoid the refined grains. So I just wanted to do this quick article to kind of help you diagnose the inside of your body, just by looking at your lips.

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